Thank You

Thank you for your support of the 12th Annual UWI Toronto Benefit Awards 2021. Your commitment to this worthwhile cause was incredibly meaningful. The event allowed us the opportunity to hear inspiring stories from students and pay tribute to our distinguished honourees whose body of work exemplified the theme of this year’s event .....“Meeting the Moment”, all while raising funds for the University’s Scholarship Programme.

On behalf of our students, we would like to express our deepest appreciation for your immeasurable contribution. Your investment in students ensures a brighter global future.

We invite you to browse through the UWI Toronto Benefit Awards 2021 Programme Guide. It is a wonderful illustration of support and teamwork coming together. If you were unable to attend the event and wish to view it or share it with others, please use the following link -

We sincerely hope that you continue to remain safe and healthy and look forward to meeting with you at next year’s event whether virtual or in person.

Best Regards,
Hilary Beckles
Vice Chancellor

2021 Honorees

CAMH: The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health
Chancellor's Award
Mr. Denham Jolly
G. Raymond Chang Award
Dr. Kevin Fenton
Vice Chancellor's Award
Mrs. Wendy Beckles
Vice Chancellor's Award
Naomi Campbell
Luminary Award
Mrs. Pamela Coke-Hamilton
Vice Chancellor's Award
Dr. Graça Machel
Luminary Award

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