SO2 - One Caribbean... Global Impact

Thirteen was certainly a lucky number for 75 students of The University of The West Indies who will benefit from scholarships and bursaries supported by funds raised at The UWI Toronto Benefit Awards 2022 staged Saturday, June 25 at The Ritz-Carlton, Toronto. Indeed, the gala's co-patron Donette Chin-Loy Chang, in lauding supporters of this 13-year-old initiative, shared, "In the unforgettable last two years your support did not wane. In fact, you heard the call louder and clearer and stepped up your support. For this, a million times, thank you. And as we reinvigorate the help for students, we have come to you once again." Indeed, Chin-Loy Chang, wife of the late G Raymond Chang, as well as Andrew and Brigette Chang, have demonstrated unwavering resolve to the cause initiated by the proud husband and father of the soil who understood the power and role of education as a way out of poverty.